About The Classes

All ZONE5 training sessions feature three primary components: interval cardiovascular training (utilizing treadmills, resistance bikes and rowing machines), strength training (using LifeFitness’ new Synrgy 360™ system, suspension cables, plyometrics and body weight exercises) and active stretching.  ZONE5 also incorporates classes with extra emphasis on weight loss and abdominal work as well as sessions that focus more on strength training.  All ZONE5 sessions are appropriate for individuals of all fitness levels as everyone works out at their own pace.

About The Trainers

All ZONE5 personal trainers are nationally certified, experienced professionals.  Most have undergraduate or graduate degrees in a specific area of health and fitness and have been specially trained in the science and methodology behind the ZONE5 concept.  They are also all great people who enjoy more than anything motivating and inspiring others and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Our trainers are what make ZONE5 unique and we make sure that ours are the best around.

What To Expect

The beauty of the ZONE5 concept is the amazing results.  You can expect to burn over 800 calories during and after the ZONE5 workout due to the unique properties of the High Intensity Interval Training regimen and the associated EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.).  Additional benefits are many:  increased strength, accelerated fat loss, improved muscle tone, better stamina and endurance, greater flexibility, and a higher energy level.  All this in 50 minutes, twice a week.

Try a Free Class

The only way to truly experience the ZONE5 concept is to try it out.  Use our CONTACT FORM to sign up for a free class.


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